Sculpted Walnut Bookcase

Sculpted Walnut Bookcase


Made to order // Customizable

Sculpted western walnut bookcase, shown with adjustable shelves, live-edge top, and book matched panels throughout. Solid wood frame with shop-sawn and -matched veneered panels throughout. Thick veneered panels are extremely stable and durable, built as a piece that will last generations.

Each vertical leg is hand-shaped and finished, breaking up the overall rectangular dimensions with flowing, subtle curves.

Made to hold your most treasured possessions—display pieces, collections, and the books you want to show off.

Dimensions as shown: 60”W // 42”H // 14”D

Preset options in the dropdown menu are meant to give you an easy approximation for a custom-sized bookcase. Each piece is handmade, so a good amount of customization and variation is expected. If you have any questions on a custom size, or another option not listed, just ask!

Shelf configuration:

The 24” and 36” widths are a single stack of shelves; the 48”, 60” and 72” widths have two stacks of shelves (as shown with middle divider).

Number of shelves (more available, with additional charge):

30” Height: 24/36”—1 // 48/60/72”—2

42” H: 24/36”—2 // 48/60/72”—4

54” H: 24/36”—3 // 48/60/72”—6

66” H: 24/36”—4

78” H: 24/36”—5

Price includes domestic shipping (via blanket wrap or freight, per shipper’s discretion).

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