Custom Furniture Made Just For You.

Maybe you have a whole idea, or just the start of one. If you like my other work but don’t see a piece that fits your home, we can make it custom.


A small adjustment to a piece in the shop

Most of the pieces I sell in my shop are made-to-order, meaning the piece you’re seeing isn’t the exact one you’ll receive and instead I’ll build it from scratch for you. For these pieces (bed frames especially) there is a lot of flexibility with overall dimensions, proportions and wood selection—not only with the specific boards used, but also the wood species itself. Want something in maple, cherry, white oak or ash? Just let me know!

Roe Kitchen Island 1.jpg

Sketched on a cocktail napkin or 3-D rendered, you have a vision of what you want

With this type of order, you probably have a clear idea of what the final piece should look like. There’s less design work for me to do (though usually your idea still needs to be reverse-engineered to be as beautiful and durable as everything I make). There is a good amount of collaboration between your original idea and (potentially) suggestions I’ll make along the way.

If you have a project like this, let me know a bit about it below!

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You need something for your home, but aren’t tied to any one idea—and you like me!

First off—you are my dream client. Let’s make this happen!

In all seriousness, I’ve had a few clients that have needed something—maybe a vanity, dining table, kitchen island—but haven’t had a clear vision of what that is. I can help you figure out what you like and what will work for you—functionally—and then design around your preferences.

How do these custom pieces usually go? Once we’ve exchanged a few emails or discussed your project over the phone, we also discuss your budget and what I expect a project like this could cost (usually a range). At this point the budget discussion is a good topic to see if we are a good fit for each other—if we aren’t in the same ballpark we can potentially reassess the priorities of your project to see if there’s a workable way forward. From there, we turn the focus to designing the piece.

For this type of work, there may be several iterations on a design until we arrive on a final piece. Because of the time needed for this, I ask that a design fee be paid up front (~10% of the estimated total budget, and non-refundable). Once the design work is done and we move along to the build, that design fee is then applied towards the down payment.

These pieces are the most original, most one-of-a-kind, and most-me. They are always a challenge—engineering and inventing a new object for a new problem that I maybe haven’t solved before in exactly this way—but in the end they are worth it.

To get started, fill out the form on this page with some basic info/ideas to get the ball rolling!