Minimalist Live-Edge Platform Bed

Minimalist Live-Edge Platform Bed

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Made to order piece; custom sizes and proportions available with each order.

Custom bed frame made of Oregon black walnut. Combining the clean lines of modern design with the organic curves of live edge slabs. This piece is a change of pace from other live edge slab furniture, framing the wild edges with negative space to create a stunning focal point.

The photos show a king size, but each order will have its own unique colors and live edges, depending on the taste of each client. I will work with you to verify some key dimensions--mattress height, total headboard height, space under the bed, etc.--to customize the piece to your preferences. Along with this, you'll be involved in the selection of the live edge pieces. Each piece is different, with their own unique color, grain pattern and personality. You will get to see the process as it happens--from rough lumber to finished piece.

Built with knockdown hardware for easy assembly/disassembly and shipping. Please allow 6-10 weeks for fabrication, plus shipping time.

Shipping charges are included/no extra fee. Blanket-wrap service is typical for this item, which usually means a van-line/moving company carefully wraps and packs the frame to be transported to you, and then sets it up in your home. It's safe and easy on both ends, but can take 3-4 weeks once the piece is completed.

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