Pacific Platform Bed

Pacific Platform Bed

from 2,400.00

Slightly leaned-back headboard; soft and simple lines. Beautiful shaping, with subtle details to create a timeless Mid-Century inspired piece.

Available in eastern maple (shown), eastern walnut, madrone and western walnut. Other wood species may be available upon request.

Made to order--slight dimensional customizations available at no charge. Wider/higher headboard available at an additional charge.

Default dimensions:

Platform—Queen: 61”W x 81”L // King: 77”W x 81”L // Cal King: 73”W x 85”L

Overall Footprint (Approx)— Queen: 63.5”W x 84.5”L // King: 79.5”W x 84.5”L // Cal King: 75.5”W x 88.5”

Price List:


Twin: 2400 // Full: 2600 // Queen: 2700 // King: 2900 // Cal King: 2900

Eastern Walnut (the most common type—will coordinate best with existing walnut furniture):

Twin: 2700 // Full: 2900 // Queen: 3000 // King: 3200 // Cal King: 3200


Twin: 2700 // Full: 2900 // Queen: 3000 // King: 3200 // Cal King: 3200

Western Walnut (more sapwood, more colorful, deeper chocolate tones):

Twin: 2800 // Full: 3000 // Queen: 3100 // King: 3300 // Cal King: 3300

Price includes blanket wrap domestic shipping. Clients in/near Portland, OR can get a discount based on lower/no shipping charge—contact us for local pricing.

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