The reason to hoard, apparently

I am terrible at throwing away scraps. Until recently, I tried to keep every bit of wood, no matter its size. This adds up quick when I'm building larger pieces, such as the platform beds (of which, at this point, I've completed dozens). I end up with these chunks that are 12-30" long, that aren't large enough to go into the next bed, but I believe I might be able to use eventually. The worst are the 8-10" pieces, each 6-12" wide. They seem useful in some way, just not for furniture.

This summer I was drowning in these scraps. It eats up so much space, when these larger projects produce dozens of chunks of scrap. I went through a large purge of the least-pretty pieces, finding some local woodworkers who don't have my same hoarding problem. Some other chunks ended up in the firepit, roasting marshmallows.

The best looking pieces have stuck around, dormant until these last few weeks. I've been putting together sculptural frames to show off the more unique pieces. It's a perfect end use--using as much of the original pieces of wood, while being able to properly show off these snapshots of wood--some with interesting live edges; feathered grain; figure and chatoyance.  Each is completely one of a kind--most of the time it is the last piece of a long-completed project. I'll be offering these pieces soon, and hopefully continuing to produce them as time allows.

Joe ThieleComment